COVE Announces New Strategic Partnership with reesmarx: Internationally Acclaimed Recruiter

COVE Announces New Strategic Partnership with reesmarx: Internationally Acclaimed Recruiter 



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COVE, with offices in New Jersey, Florida and Dublin, Ireland, provides a “turn key” US expansion solution and end-to-end service and expert counsel, ensuring an efficient and successful launch of international businesses, brands and SMEs in the United States. COVE clients are able to pick and choose from a menu of services, from C-suite consulting, accounting and finance, legal services, HR, marketing, logistics and more. COVE’s mission is to allow busy executives to undertake expansion into the US with as little negative impact on personal and enterprise bandwidth and resources as possible.

“While there are many ‘How To Do Business in the US’ resources available online,” explains McHattie, “there is no substitute for local knowledge and experience, particularly local knowledge that is available at the company’s foreign home office. The idea of COVE is to provide foreign entities and entrepreneurs with the same “local knowledge” inherently available to US companies and to guide high-potential foreign businesses and their owners through each step of the process. Rather than America’s unique and at times “foreign” business practices and laws being obstacles, COVE turns them into advantages against those without the “local knowledge.” Chris and the rest of the COVE team are “success agents” with proven track records of creating and implementing winning strategies for businesses in varied market sectors, from finance to foods, health care and information technology. COVE is actively in search of dynamic, middle market and stable start-ups that are ready to expand to the American market.

To better serve COVE’s international clients and the growing need for consulting and B2B support in US expansion, COVE has signed a strategic partnership with reesmarx. reesmarx is an internationally recognized global recruiting and resourcing firm with offices in London, and Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and resourcing hubs in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dubai and Singapore. reesmarx supports businesses, brands and SME’s by supplying qualified successful candidates to fill their clients’ needs. While COVE performs and provides interim and permanent solutions, COVE recognizes that clients will want to bring many of those functions in-house over time. The reesmarx partnership will allow COVE’s clients to recruit permanent employees to replace those COVE services that have been contracted for on temporary basis giving COVE clients the ability to: (i) utilize their own internal resources; (ii) COVE services; or (iii) either of the foregoing with reesmarx providing permanent employee solutions over time for its US expansion.

Ray Tomasco, the co-founder of reesmarx USA, along with Glyn Rees, shared how businesses can traverse obstacles using an experienced global expansion team.

“One of the biggest barriers that exist when expanding internationally is understanding human resources laws and business practices in other countries. We see expanding companies often needing to on board new team members across several disciplines quickly and effectively, often putting compensation packages together with a short lead time. Our global expansion team (combing the expertise of COVE and reesmarx) will help clients to mitigate employment risks and liabilities in the USA through a single, dedicated Legal and HR structure. This one-stop shop service is personal and tailored to lead your organization to achieving its international goals.”

Read more about the vision and strategic business expansion services offered by COVE in the October 13, 2016 press release.


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