Strategy, Implementation and Control

Strategy, Implementation and Control

Expansion into a new market requires thought and planning, and more than just a “Cost Benefit Analysis” and a “To Do List.” A successful strategy starts with understanding the culture and protocols of the target market. We use our local knowledge to help you develop a plan that is scalable and flexible, prioritizing the marketing process faithful to your company’s ethos—including overall branding and messaging, collateral, social media, website design, advertising, public relations, networking and events. We continue working with you as your plan is implemented, making certain you achieve your goals: sales and marketing, production, storage, distribution and shipping. As your market presence grows, we monitor activity and measure results, so you stay in control, continuing to meet the demands of growth and development.

The Cove team will work with you to devise and implement a marketing strategy flexible enough to evolve with your expansion goals. We will help you develop an appropriate identity for the target market, a scalable approach which focuses on prioritizing the marketing process for a seamless and efficient rollout, faithful to the company’s ethos, but with flexibility to ensure success in the target market.

We believe “Sales” drives the world, and our professionals are “super-sales” people who are passionate about promoting products and services they believe in, with a level of professionalism that will be a credit to your business. Whether attending trade shows, developing and delivering sales presentations, developing marketing and distribution partners, or assisting technical experts with “in-market” product demonstrations, our goal is growth in sales across the board—at the product, product line, market and company levels.

Sales also drives needs— manufacturing, production, storage, distribution and shipping. We work with you to bring your product to the local market. Our expertise and portfolio of logistic providers allows us to custom tailor your international transportation and importation needs. But we don’t stop there. The warehousing and distribution solution we design for you are just other ways we ensure your customer satisfaction.

Cove will stand by you, helping to re-evaluate and refine your plan and goals on an ongoing basis.

Services Include:

Marketing, Strategy & Development


Sales Planning & Lead Generation


Social Media Marketing


Event Planning & Execution


Distributor / VAR Networks


International Strategic Partnering


Logistics & Distributions


/ Export