MYTH BUSTERS: U.S. Business Expansion

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Most foreign business owners and operators believe expanding their brand and business into the U.S. market is difficult, expensive and time consuming. That impression is as old and outdated as the belief that the world was flat. In fact, with Cove’s guidance and expertise at the helm, it’s neither difficult, expensive or time consuming. Cove acknowledges the facts, recognizes the obstacles and develops the solutions. Cove offers a bundle of turn-key solutions to expansion challenges including expertise and services necessary for any company to effectively and quickly launch in the US.

BELIEF: The U.S. is far away. FEAR: How can I control a faraway market? FACT: The U.S. is minutes away digitally and mere hours away by plane.

COVE’s SOLUTION: We are your ‘launch’ and ‘landing’ pad. We are your business extension and will set up contact and communication routines to suit your needs with frequency to suit – including meeting at your office.

BELIEF: The U.S. has high standards and compliance. FEAR: How do I maneuver through the red tape and achieve compliance? It must be complex and expensive. FACT: The U.S. is actually easier to maneuver than the EU.

COVE’s SOLUTION: While each U.S. State and the Federal system has quirks, Cove’s years of experience “negotiating” have given Cove the skills to deal with these matters on your behalf, efficiently and effectively, saving time and expenses.

BELIEF: The U.S. is overwhelmingly vast geographically. FEAR: How do I decide where to start and ensure you target the right market(s)? FACT: Although it is vast, it is even more vast as a market for your goods and services.

COVE’s SOLUTION: We will do the market entry assessment for you and advise on where best to start and operate. We have personnel on both the east coast (New Jersey and Florida) and the west coast (San Francisco and Los Angeles).

BELIEF: U.S. business structures are confusing and won’t mesh well with an EU company. FEAR: Will I expose my business to liability and risk if I don’t find the right legal and financial advice and team? FACT: U.S. business structures are not complicated and fully insulate the EU parent.

COVE’s SOLUTION: Cove provides a ‘plug and play’ solution to get your business set up, thus saving time and costs so you can focus on growth. Cove’s advantage is local knowledge, culture and customs.

COVE’s sole focus is helping foreign businesses with U.S. business expansion. We take care of your expansion challenges. COVE has a wealth of executive leadership experience with a team committed to delivering innovative business solutions to generate successful U.S. growth.